J. Cole is training to be in the NBA but can he really do it?


It seems that J. Cole is chasing his hoop dreams. According to Master P, Cole takes a detour through his rap career to try out the NBA.

Speaking to TMZ on Friday, Master P revealed that he spoke directly to Cole about the transition from rap to the NBA. P made the transition himself during the 1998 and 1999 preseason. The veteran baller and rapper says Cole hopes to be the next rapper to make the jump.

“When I spoke to J. Cole, he said, ‘You know, big dog, you did. What do you think I should do to make it happen? “Explained Master P.” I said that buying one of these NBA jerseys would not be easy. It’s gonna be a lot of hate, it’s gonna be a lot of people who don’t believe in you but you know J. Cole – he’s the right size, him at the gym!

Cole hinted that he was suing the NBA last week when the rapper posted an ad for his new Puma sneaker, the RS-Dreamer. In the 30-second clip, Cole is practicing while Master P recounts.

Additionally, in a recent open letter posted to The Players’ Tribune, “The Audacity,” Cole explained how basketball has always come after rap. He revealed that he gave up the chance to play professionally to focus on his equally “delusional” dream of being one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Now, having made his musical dreams come true, it looks like J. Cole is ready to try his luck in the NBA. The question is: can he really do it? Continue reading below to learn more about the situation.

What are the conditions to be in the NBA?

Although there is no education requirement to turn professional, you must be at least 19 years old to sign with an NBA team.

Most players attempt to enter the league by participating in the NBA Draft. This can be done by writing a letter to the NBA, expressing the desire to be selected for the draft. You will then be prompted to complete the following application forms. Players not selected in the Draft can still sign with an NBA team as an undrafted free agent. If a player has already graduated from college – before the calendar year of the draft – he is considered an NBA free agent, eligible to sign with any team.

Players can also try out the G League – the official basketball organization for the NBA’s minor leagues – although it is rare for such an athlete to make a roster of NBA players afterwards.

How old is J. Cole?

J. Cole is 35 years old.

What is the history of J. Cole basketball?

J. Cole played high school basketball at Terry Sanford in Fayetteville, NC. He then got the chance to be a walker (an athlete who is on a team without being drafted or given a scholarship beforehand) at St. John’s University, a men’s basketball program in Division I, but he never showed up, after all. decide to pursue a career in music.

Is it really possible for J. Cole to be in the NBA?

The short answer is yes. If a team feels that J. Cole has the talent to join the roster, they can sign the rapper. Either way, that leaves us with the question, is Cole good enough to be in the NBA? And only that can be answered by one of the 30 teams in the league.

While you wait for more to unfold, watch some clips of J. Cole working out in the gym below.


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