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A Toronto restaurant has stopped taking tips in a move that the owner says is an effort to pay staff more fairly.Richmond Station, located at Yonge and Richmond streets in downtown Toronto, has moved to what it calls a “welcome included” model, meaning that all tips for staff are already included in the plan. price.

“Eliminating tips and moving to inclusive hospitality is… the right thing to do,” restaurant owner Ryan Donovan told Global News by email.

“We want our staff to have the same rights to the social safety net and to their professional peers in other sectors and the fallout from the pandemic has made it clear.”

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Prices have been increased by 18% on average, Donovan said, with all additional revenue going towards employee compensation.

“We will bear the cost of additional tax liabilities as we distribute additional payroll dollars – our (Canadian Pension Plan) and (Employment Insurance) counterpart, our payroll liabilities. ‘vacation pay and WSIB contributions,’ he wrote.

Tracy Zhuo, who previously worked as a waiter at another restaurant, said she was in favor of ending tips as long as price increases are properly directed to staff.

“I’ve had my fair share of bad tips, et cetera, and as long as people have decent wages, I’m all for it,” she says.

Sean McCann said tipping did not exist in his home country of Ireland.

“When I moved here it was quite unusual to have to adapt to all the kind of rocking scenario,” he said.

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North America is widely seen as a culture of tipping. While there is a gradual shift towards inclusive hospitality prices, long-standing tipping customs are a big hurdle to overcome, said James Rilett, Central Ontario vice president for the Restaurants industry group. Canada, to Global News.

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“It’s a cultural change,” he says.

“Some people have been doing this their whole life and they might think they get better service if they have a failover model.”

Richmond Station is removing the tip option from payment terminals, according to its website.

Donovan said the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on tip-dependent staff was a clear signal now is the time to act on the change that has been underway since 2016.

“(At) this point we have to rebuild our business model anyway, so we chose to refuel and adopt the practices we have long hoped to implement as a team – from labor standards to standards. purchase.

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