“It makes me sick”: Tkachuk does not like the criticisms leveled at Gaudreau and Monahan


CALGARY – Matthew Tkachuk knew right away it wasn’t good. In Game 2 of the Flames’ playoffs against the Dallas Stars, Tkachuk was sandwiched between Jamie Benn and Jamie Oleksiak and his head took the brunt of the blow. The result was a concussion and Tkachuk says he knew he was not going to return to the show.

“You can’t put a timeline on this injury. But you know it’s going to take at least a week or two, ”he said Wednesday.

“I mean, when you get one, you’re not going to be playing again in a day or a few days.” I don’t care who you are.

Tkachuk says the hard part was watching and not being able to help his teammates.

“So hard when you look. You are just helpless. You just want to be so bad and it just can’t happen, ”he said.

“In the end, only four years now and the same result every year.”

But Tkachuk adds that it’s not for lack of trying and that he really liked the way his team fought.

What he didn’t like was the criticism directed at a few of his teammates.

“You know, especially the criticisms of Johnny (Gaudreau) and (Sean) Mony (Monahan). It makes me sick. It really bothers me and it pisses me off because everyone was mad at them for an offensive production. They produced more than me when I was in the lineup so put the blame on me.

The Flames had players who really stood out and Tkachuk says it was positive.

But again, it wasn’t enough and obviously not good enough.

“Some guys stepped up, but at the end of the day people can’t carry us,” he said.

“Throughout the playoffs we need the whole team and, you know, if they were individuals, we would play tennis or golf and stop hockey.

Tkachuk says he feels healthy again and if the Flames play again he says it’s a safe bet he could get back into the roster.


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