Israeli protesters stage new anti-Netanyahu protest


Published on:

Jerusalem (AFP)

Thousands of protesters gathered in Jerusalem on Saturday to demand the resignation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, chanting “Minister of Crime”, “You are Fired” and “Free Israel”.

Protesters, some playing musical instruments, gathered outside the Prime Minister’s official residence. Local media estimated the crowd at around 10,000.

Protests demanding that Netanyahu resign over several corruption charges and his handling of the coronavirus crisis have escalated in recent weeks and the prime minister has been scathing in his counterattack.

Earlier this month he accused Channel 12 and another private broadcaster, Channel 13, of “broadcasting propaganda for left-wing anarchist protests” by giving wide coverage of the rallies.

Israel has been praised for its initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the government has come under criticism amid a resurgence of cases after the restrictions were lifted from the end of April. Netanyahu himself admitted that the economy was reopened too quickly.


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