Israeli court berates PM’s son for harassing protest leaders


“For a long time Israel was not a democratic state,” he wrote in another post, noting that a petitioner, Haim Shadmi, had been recorded talking about the firebomb throwing on the official residence of the Prime Minister but that Mr. Shadmi was still allowed to protest nearby. “There is a law for right-handed people and another law for leftists,” the Facebook post said.

Yair Netanyahu, 29, is a staunch defender of his father and has always stoked controversy through his social media posts, some of which even the prime minister has condemned.

In December 2018, the son wrote on Facebook that he wanted the deaths of two Israeli soldiers killed by a Palestinian gunman in the West Bank to be “avenged,” adding: “There will never be peace with monsters in the form of human known since 1964. “Palestinians”. In another article at the time, he wrote that he would prefer an Israel without Muslim residents.

Facebook removed these posts following a wave of complaints. He said they included hate speech and violated his community standards.

In February, Yair Netanyahu posted on Twitter a photo of a young Israeli, Dana Cassidy, who was pictured earlier with Blue and White party leader Benny Gantz. He also published unsubstantiated accusations that Mr Gantz had engaged in extramarital affairs.

The posts prompted some of the son’s supporters to spread baseless rumors that Ms Cassidy and Mr Gantz were having an affair.

Mr Gantz has clashed with the Prime Minister on several occasions, even though they are now coalition partners.


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