Isaias Trail is expected to pivot west of Nova Scotia


“Right now, it looks like most of the effects will be felt in northern New Brunswick,” says Jason Sheppard of Environment Canada

While Florida officials warily watch the approach of Storm Isaias, Canada’s meteorologists are a little less worried.Isaias went from a hurricane to a tropical storm on Saturday, but it is still expected to bring heavy rain and flooding to areas along the Florida coast.

The storm has already wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, where on Thursday it destroyed homes and caused widespread flooding and small landslides in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

On Saturday, Isaias searched the Bahamas. There he was responsible for cutting the current and cutting down trees.

On Sunday, the National Hurricane Center in the United States projects the storm to enter eastern Canada as a post-tropical depression by the middle of the week.

“Isaias’ current track takes the hurricane, when it becomes post-tropical, through northern New Brunswick and possibly parts of Quebec on Wednesday,” Environment Canada meteorologist Jason Sheppard said.

Sheppard added that Nova Scotia should escape the brunt of the storm.

“Right now it looks like most of the effects will be felt in the northern part of New Brunswick during the day on Wednesday, so we’re probably just gusts and rain.


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