Isaias cut power to over 3 million homes and businesses across the East Coast


According to a tally from Poweroutage.US, the outages were concentrated in the tri-state area: As of Wednesday morning, nearly a million people in New Jersey, about 775,000 people in New York and about 700,000 in Connecticut were out of order. In total, the outages spread from North Carolina to Maine.

Isaias brought hurricane-force gusts of wind to Long Island, according to unofficial reports from the National Weather Service. Peak wind gusts reached 67 mph in Greenwich, Connecticut, 68 mph at Newark Airport in New Jersey, and more than 75 mph in several parts of Suffolk County in New York, the service said. meteorological.

The storm, now a post-tropical cyclone, moved across southeastern Canada, bringing heavy rains and powerful winds to the province of Quebec.

On Wednesday morning, the storm’s maximum sustained winds were around 40 mph and are expected to weaken, the National Hurricane Center said, adding that the storm would likely dissipate on Wednesday night or Thursday.

A wind advisory was in effect for all of eastern and northern Maine until early Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service in Caribou.

“We see many reports of Gusty Winds 35-45 mph in Showers and behind the precipitation. We could see gusts as high as 50 mph. This can cause downed trees on power lines, ”the service said on Twitter.

5 dead on the way to the storm

At least two people were killed when a tornado hit a mobile home park in Windsor, North Carolina, Bertie County officials said. Twelve people were injured and taken to hospital.

In St. Mary’s County, southern Maryland, a car driver died after a tree fell on the roof of the vehicle. The weather service reported that at least three separate tornadoes hit the southern part of the state early on Tuesday. Two were in St. Mary’s County, while the other was in Calvert County, the service said.

People walk in flood waters Monday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In New York, Mario Siles, 60 was found dead in a 2014 Dodge van “with trauma to the head and body,” a spokeswoman for the New York Police Department said.

In Delaware, an 83-year-old woman was found under a large branch in a pond near her home in Cape Town. Jason Hatchell of the Delaware State Police told CNN.

In Cecil County, Maryland, Isaias flooded a daycare center, prompting a teacher to transport her 25 students to safety, CNN affiliate WBAL reported.

“Our parking lot was flooded,” Brittany Austin told the news channel. “So in order for me to get the kids to the parents, who had to park as soon as they got to the parking lot, I had to make my way through a good 6 feet of water to get them to the parents. ”

Several streets were flooded on Tuesday, the branch reported.

Torn trees and submerged streets

As the storm moved toward Canada, it left in its wake flooded American neighborhoods and residents cleaning up the mess.

In Eastwick, Philadelphia, some residents were asked to evacuate their homes as the streets turned into rivers on Tuesday, CNN affiliate WPVI reported.

“I was sitting in my living room and telling my husband the water was going through the back,” Tanya Andrews told the branch. “It was already flooded. Then the police captain came and told us to evacuate. My house is flooded. ”

In the northeastern part of the city, roofs were torn off, wires were on the ground, and residents told the news station they saw strong winds ripping trees from the ground.

“Something coming out of a movie is the only way I can explain it,” a resident told the news channel.

CNN’s Michael Guy contributed to this report.


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