Is New York City “Done”?


The Queens Village Republican Club still planned to host an event with Stephen K. Bannon, Former adviser to President Trump, who was accused last week of fraud. [Queens Daily Eagle]

Amanda Rosa of The Times writes:

A lemon as a side dish. Lettuce in a plastic bag. A sandwich for a student allergic to gluten. Chicken salads for vegetarians.

Welcome to the university. Enjoy your meal.

As students arrive on New York campuses for an academic year shattered by the coronavirus pandemic, administrators grapple with an array of challenges – including how to isolate students from the many states subject to the quarantine rule day trip from New York.

It turns out that feeding these students is a daunting task. New York University and Cornell University, among others, tackled it by providing free meals to international students who were allowed to move into dorms before classes started.

The prospect of free food might sound good, but what showed up in brown paper bags three times a day at NYU drew bad reviews from students, who quickly shared TikTok videos and memes from their students. unripe oranges, watermelon chicken salads and other unfortunate meals. .

Danielle Gould, a sophomore, tried to make the most of the situation, posting a video of a breakfast she received as a “inconsistent-sounding” meme on TikTok. What does this show? A cookie, fries, vinaigrette, salt and pepper.


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