is it time to buy an electric car?


The term “electric car” is quite broad these days. You can pick up a used Renault Zoe, with a battery range of 100 miles and a modest top speed of 84 mph, for under £ 5,000. Or for £ 140,000, you can buy a Porsche Taycan Turbo S, which can go 160 mph and go 256 miles on a single charge.Most people in the market for an electric vehicle (abbreviated as EV) fall somewhere between these two extremes. If there was an “average” electric vehicle, it would probably be something like the Kia e-Niro 64kWh, a popular battery-electric SUV with a range of around 280 miles. It costs £ 30,000 new – about the same as a lot of other SUVs.

For a family of four, who live in a house with a driveway and spend most of their time within 100 miles of the house, this is a fantastic choice – it’s quiet, comfortable and clean, no emitting no pollution to the tailpipe and gaining various privileges as a result. And best of all, it recharges overnight, on the driveway, for a few pounds. No need to visit a public charging station.

The wrong side? It’s less practical on those occasional long trips. Charging an electric car on the go can be even more complicated than filling a gasoline or diesel car with liquid fuel. It’s not impossible, but it can take five minutes of planning a Plan B before you begin your trip, and many people are unprepared for this uncertainty.


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