Inside the ruined Welsh castle of I’m A Celeb, where contestants brave the winter cold


I’m A Celebrity is undergoing a major change this year, abandoning the usual Australian setting amid coronavirus safety considerations.But ITV bosses allayed fan fears when they confirmed the show would take place, but in an entirely new setting.

They are said to have settled in a ruined castle in rural North Wales, known as Gwrych Castle, in Abergele, County Conwy.

One of the new famous characters will compete to be crowned king or queen of the castle, rather than in the usual jungle.

And while no names are yet confirmed, fans are busy speculating who will be included in the new line-up – in what is rumored to be the most A-list yet.

The usual Australian framework has been abandoned

You can check out all the supposed candidates here.

Ant and Dec are returning as co-hosts, though they will no doubt ditch summer clothing for windbreakers as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show’s first airing.

It is also said that the famous BushTucker tests would undergo major changes to make them better suited to the British context.

They say I’m A Celeb moved to Gwrych Castle in Wales

The castle offers a wild and wild view

It is reported that the celebrities could be subjected to hot water trials, and the feeding trials will focus on all that the crawlies Blighty has to offer rather than the usual widgets larvae and kangaroo testes.

Times could also change, as ITV adapts to airing the show from a different time zone than usual.

Alyson Freeman decided to take a tour of the 200-year-old site, to get a taste of what fans can expect from the new setting if it goes ahead.

Celebrities could be windswept

The castle has a strange plant life that climbs the walls

She took a number of snaps along the way – showing celebs will have rough nights if the weather doesn’t behave.

The shots show that the castle was partly overrun with thick grasses and plants, giving the place a truly spooky feel.

Huge towers dominate the entire area, offering spectacular views of the surrounding area and the sprawling, rugged forest.

The castle is around 200 years old – and scary as it is

The individual statues have remained intact

At the top of the battlements and walls, battlements evoke the long history of the castle.

Others show that the harrow once was, leaving a looming stone frame for several people.

The solitary walls have remained standing through the centuries, giving an idea of ​​the scale of the castle.

Towers and battlements dominate the courtyard

A huge clearing in front of the walls could be used for the famous trials

The individual statues have somehow remained unscathed over the years, hinting at the grandeur of the castle at its historic heyday.

I’m a celebrity 2020 rumors

Another snapshot shows the plain in front of the castle walls, where celebrities would no doubt be put to the test in the new BushTucker trials.

Another open space is in what looks like the main courtyard of the castle, dominated by towers and battlements.

I’m A Celebrity will return later this year.


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