Indians claw Mike Clevinger from tomorrow’s start against Cubs for breaking protocol as well


Remember how the Indians fired pitcher Zach Plesac from Chicago for breaking protocols to hang out with friends on Saturday night? Well, it turns out he wasn’t alone.The Cubs won’t face Mike Clevinger tomorrow, as he joined Plesac:

Here’s the kicker – even after knowing Plesac was sent home for going out on Saturday night, having to hire a car to get home – Clevinger apparently didn’t say anything and traveled with the team:

So it’s fantastic here. It must have been something ugly behind the scenes among his teammates who knew Clevinger had dated Plesac, had seen Plesac sent home and Clevinger said nothing. Apparently.

Putting aside what appears to be a selfish decision, there is now the risk – albeit a slight one – that Clevinger may contract COVID-19 while on the move, and then pass it on to his teammates in the meantime. Teammates supposed to welcome the Cubs tomorrow.

Chronologically, that seems unlikely, but are you sure you want to rule out anything regarding this virus? I don’t necessarily foresee that this will have an impact on this week’s games unless there are positive tests tonight or tomorrow, but come on. If you are the Cubs, aren’t you feeling a little uncomfortable right now? And angry enough?

Anyway. Assuming the games are played, the Cubs will now face Carlos Carrasco, as scheduled, on Wednesday, but Adam Plutko on Tuesday. Plutko, 28, has been a deep starter for Indians in recent years, with a few successful outings, but mostly overall results. If his name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because he ruled out the Cubs for six innings at Wrigley Field in early 2018.


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