Indiana student tests positive for coronavirus on first day of school


One or two confirmed cases in a single classroom would require those classes to be closed for 14 days, with all students and staff to be quarantined. The rest of the school would continue to operate, but if two or more people in different classes at the same school tested positive, the entire building would close for investigation and may not reopen for two weeks depending on the results.

In California, where schools in two-thirds of the state have been barred from reopening in person for now, state guidelines require a school to close for at least 14 days if more than 5% of its students , professors and staff are positive over a two-week period.

Chicago, the third largest school district in the country, has proposed a hybrid reopening system that would place students in groups of 15 members who can be quarantined if a member tests positive. School buildings are expected to close if the city averages more than 400 new cases per week or 200 cases per day, the plan says, with other worrying factors such as low hospital capacity or a sudden spike in cases taken into account.

In Indiana, where the college student tested positive Thursday in Greenfield, an Indianapolis suburb of 23,000 people, the virus began to climb in mid-June and the number of cases remained relatively high. This week Indianapolis chose to start the school year online.

The Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation, which has eight schools and 4,400 students, has given families the option of in-person or distance learning. At Greenfield Central Junior High School, which the student who tests positive attends, about 15% of the 700 students enrolled have opted for distance learning, said Olin, the principal.

“It was upsetting that our families wanted us to come back,” he said, adding that families should be responsible and not send students to school if they showed symptoms or were waiting for test results. . Students are also required to wear masks except when eating or doing physical education outside, he said – and as far as he knows, the student who was tested positive did.


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