In Steve Bannon Border Wall case, prosecutors have ‘bulky’ emails


But Mr. Kolfage secretly took more than $ 350,000 in donations and used them for home renovations, boat payments, a luxury car, a golf cart, jewelry, credit card debt and debt. cosmetic surgery, according to the indictment.

Mr Bannon, 66, received over $ 1 million through a non-profit organization he controlled and then used it to pay Mr Kolfage and also to cover hundreds of thousands dollars in personal expenses, according to the indictment.

He was arrested in the early morning hours of August 20 while on the deck of a 150-foot yacht off Westbrook, Connecticut. It was owned by runaway Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, officials said.

During the proceedings, Judge Torres asked the prosecutors when they would turn in the evidence and other documents they had gathered for the defense, so that the defense attorneys could prepare for the trial.

One of the prosecutors, Alison G. Moe, called the material “bulky” and told the judge that investigators obtained some of it as early as January after executing search warrants for email and storage accounts. in the cloud.

She said investigators executed more search warrants in July and August, seizing various devices that stored emails – presumably phones, tablets or laptops – and searching for multiple locations, which officials said. law enforcement, included the homes of the accused.

Ms Moe also said Monday that Mr Kolfage’s comments on social media violated local rules governing parties’ behavior in federal court in New York. Prosecutors said such messages could taint the pool of potential jurors.


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