In search of the perfect electric vehicle: life with the mini electric


Will everyone agree? No. And that’s why I strongly suspect that sales will be slow as a result; As the slow adoption of the Nissan Leaf and first-gen Renault Zoe has shown, this type of lineup has never been reassuring enough to guarantee a rush of interest (especially when the aforementioned rivals offer now twice the range for a price roughly the same). But for some people, if not for you, it will undoubtedly be great.

So let’s say you can overcome the limitations (and if you want to own a premium electric car you might have to do that for a good few years, such is the reality of the cost differential between a battery and a motor and a motor. ). Maybe you don’t drive far every day. Or maybe, like us, you live in a big city or on the edge of a big city, commute 20 miles on a big day, and maybe travel 40 to see friends every now and then. Maybe, like us too, you own a second motor car, which is always there to get you where you need to go on the rare occasion you need it. Or maybe even another electric car – like a Tesla, electric Hyundai Kona, or Kia e-Niro – that will do 250 miles, or a plug-in hybrid.

If all of these things describe you, you are free to rate the Mini not in isolation from its strengths and weaknesses, but rather in the overall way it fits into your life. And then you’ll find that, in execution, the Mini is nearly perfect, if a little confusing at times. What is missing, you’d expect a Mini to run out of. Space and practicality inevitably top this list, although we’ve grown up fairly easily as a large family of four. What it has, more strikingly, ranges from the charming beauty to the ease of driving such a compact car, in addition to what has always been an interior that gives every time you sit in the low driver’s seat the impression of arriving at a party. .

Mix in the flourishes of design, from touches of acid yellow paint to the now hastily renamed Corona three-prong wheels, and you’ve got a car oozing with allure.

Undoubtedly, the driving experience is also an opportunity for the uninitiated. The 181bhp, 199lb-ft electric motor comes from the BMW i3 and is extremely quick if you push the throttle at low speed and with one of the sportier powertrain settings selected, although driving like this- this is, as on the highway, an infallible way to swallow up the range; a simple surge removes up to five miles from the indicator in the blink of an eye.


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