‘I’m not going to argue with you’: Kanye hints his presidential candidacy is designed to hurt Biden


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Rapper Kanye West is in the limelight again, after an interview appeared to indicate he is running for president only to reduce Joe Biden’s vote count in key states.

In an SMS interview with Forbes, West said he was not running but “walking … to win” the presidency, alluding to a strategy to erode the numbers of the Democratic Party candidate and former vice president. When asked if he realized his candidacy couldn’t win would actually serve as a “spoiler” that could bring President Donald Trump to the line, West said, “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is king. ”

West’s mental health issues have been well documented in recent weeks, with his wife Kim Kardashian previously asking for “compassion” for his current bipolar condition.

The rapper announced he would run as an independent candidate on November 3, with a pro-black religious platform. His chances of winning are nil, as he could not win 270 electoral votes, given that he is not on the ballot in enough states, Forbes stressed. West is, however, embroiled in a rushed effort to get himself voted in a number of key states – and critics say Republicans are doing the work behind the scenes.


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