ICU doctor drives 35 kilometers with face mask to refute false claims


TORONTO – An ICU doctor in the UK has decided to prove that it is possible to do most activities while wearing a face mask, even while doing a 35 kilometer run on a wet summer day. Tom Lawton from Bradford, UK, said he wanted to refute false information he read online that wrongly suggested wearing a mask somehow hinders levels oxygen from a person.

“I work in intensive care, I know physiology, so I knew it wasn’t true,” he told CTV News Channel on Saturday.

“So I thought how do I demonstrate it?” How can I reassure people who would like to do their part and wear a mask but who are afraid? ”

Lawton decided to run to work with a face mask while wearing a pulse oximeter, which would measure his oxygen levels throughout the run.

He said anything above 95% would be considered normal oxygen level. After checking every half hour during his run, he found that his oxygen levels remained normal throughout his hike.

“They were 98 to 99 all the time, completely normal oxygen levels,” he says.

While he admits that the mask was uncomfortable to wear while running – especially after sweating – he wants to assure others that wearing a face mask won’t lower oxygen levels, regardless of activity.

“It’s definitely nasty and I feel for people who don’t like wearing them, but it’s one of the things that’s going to help us,” Lawton said.

He hopes his experience will prove to others that face masks are not harmful and help stop the spread of COVID-19 further.


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