“I think I’m done with this movie”


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After years of retards, takeover rumors, and about eight different writers, it seems that Josh Boone New mutants doesn’t come with a bang, but a moan. Due to Disney’s refusal to offer digital screens or a press projection at social distance, a number of outlets, including ours, have chosen not to review it. And those who have it? Good, see for yourself. There is, however, one negative review that stands out above the rest. Friday, New mutants co-creator Bob McLeod took to facebook to express some of his own grievances.

“I was very excited when I heard they were doing a New mutants movie, ”McLeod writes. “I thought maybe turning it into a horror movie was an interesting idea, but not at all how the characters should be presented to the general public. But, hey, my characters in a movie! I never thought this would actually happen.

McLeod continues by noting some of his superficial disappointments – no braids for Dani, a not-so-tall and gawky Sam – before making a decision long been a point of contention: The cast of non-black Brazilian actor Henry Zaga as Roberto da Costa (aka Sunspot), a biracial character whose experiences with anti-black racism inform his mutant powers. ” [M]In fact, I was very disappointed that Roberto wasn’t short and dark skinned, ”says McLeod. “Yet another example of whitewashing in Hollywood. There is simply no excuse. (Boone discussed the controversy a io9 interview published Tuesday.)

“So basically,” McLeod continues, “#JoshBoone erased everything I contributed to the appearance of the characters.”

But that’s not all. McLeod, who just looks exhausted, claims his name is misspelled in the film’s credits. “They couldn’t even be bothered to spellcheck my name for the past three years,” he says. “I think I’m done with this movie. “

Buddy, we’re with you.

Read his full article below:

New mutants currently playing in theaters. Participate at your own risk.


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