I Hate Suzie: Five-Star Reviews for Billie Piper TV Comeback


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Billie Piper plays Suzie Pickles in I Hate Suzie

The return of Billie Piper in the Sky TV drama series I Hate Suzie has been hailed by critics as “a wild ride.”

Piper plays the titular Suzie Pickles – a former child screen star whose life and career are turned upside down by a compromising phone hack.

He finds her reunited with the secret diary of a Call Girl writer Lucy Prebble.

The Guardian gave it a five-star review, describing Piper’s character as “naked, obscene, and gleefully derailed” in “this scabrously funny drama.”

“Underneath it all, Prebble holds the reins firmly in his fist and Piper keeps us – right, right – on the side of an infinitely charismatic but volatile and forgiving character,” Lucy Mangan wrote.

“I hate Suzie nails the arrested development and the problems that come with it – poor impulse control, irresponsibility and generally grueling maintenance – of a celebrity who has been visited by fame so early on. “

“It’s a mad rush that feels like an absolute giveaway,” she added.

The Telegraph was also impressed, also opting for top marks while calling the show a “glorious and sparkling monument to the creativity of Piper and Prebble”.

“I Hate Suzie is a remarkable portrayal of a woman’s descent,” said Chris Bennion.

“Fame and privacy”

Piper was nominated for an Olivier Award for her performance in Prebble’s The Effect in 2012.

Critics have noted that her own experience of being a prodigious young singer turned actress to fame at a young age will no doubt have informed her new role as Pickles.

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The Independent suggested that in the drama, Piper “plays a barely disguised version of herself.”

“Much of I Hate Suzie is filmed in a fast-paced, frenetic style that mirrors Suzie’s descent into this contemporary nightmare,” wrote Ed Cumming.

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Piper appears alongside Leila Farzad in new Sky TV drama series

“Piper has a rare knack for building sympathy, even though Pickles continues to make new mistakes in his efforts to disguise old ones.”

“What emerges is a dark comedy horror about female friendship, modern fame, and the impossibility of true privacy in a world where everyone has an online video camera in their pockets. “

“It’s really a mess”

The Evening Standard, which gave her four stars, said that “Piper gives a raw and stripping performance.”

“I hate Suzie is feeling fresh and tangy with a lot of dry wit. My only objection is, why would you hate someone named Suzie? Their writer Susannah Butter joked, with good reason.

Carol Midgely of The Times said, “I think most people would agree that Piper is an exceptional actress, playing Suzie with excruciating honesty.

“It’s gratifying to see Piper in a TV role where she can stretch her legs, show off her class, and make the most of her incredibly expressive face (she’s garnered five-star reviews and a plethora of accolades for her role” determining her career ”in the play Yerma)

“It was a daring and intelligently acted television. And surely an instant cure for any fool who actively wants to be “a celebrity”. “

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The NME has suggested that I Hate Suzie become “your new favorite TV show about a crumbling pop star.”

“It’s a nightmare,” Prebble, who co-created the show with her friend Piper, told the online magazine.

“We really didn’t want to make her ‘likable’ in inverted commas, or even particularly relatable, because it’s something that has been pushed down our throats during character creation for a long time, especially when it comes to of women.

“We’re kind of experimenting in this show, I guess, showing you someone who’s really a mess – not someone who seems like a mess, but underneath she’s a go-getter,” added the producer of Succession.

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