I Hate Suzie: Billie Piper Lets Rip As An Actor Hacked By Phone | TV and radio


Ttwo things happen in episode 1 of I Hate Suzie (Thursday, 9 p.m., Sky Atlantic) that will shape how you feel about the show as a whole and, I think, will divide humanity in general quite sharply: Billie Piper has diarrhea, and then, later on, sings. What are you? A person with diarrhea? Or a person who sings? No one, I think, is both.First the diarrhea, I guess: Billie Piper, or rather Suzie, panicked her in the middle of a very stressful photoshoot. The kind of premise of I Hate Suzie is: a celebrity famous for a singing career in his teens and a sci-fi acting career in his twenties – you can’t see it but I’m looking to film incredibly knowingly cause right now, in a way I would even go so far as to describe as “boring” – her nudes leaked in a tabloid scandal.


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