“I feel totally cheated” – What the British continue to be wrong about the Eat Out to Help Out reduction program


Not everyone was able to take advantage of the Eat Out to Help Out program.People across the country celebrated the launch of the government’s initiative to provide discounted meals after the lockdown – a program to which 72,000 restaurants have signed up.

While many people take the 50% off food, many ended up paying full price or left hungry because they were left baffled by the offer.

That’s because the program doesn’t include takeout, reports The Mirror.

A confused customer tweeted, “Okay, I’m baffled by this Eat Out to Help Out program now. It is not valid for take-out but is only valid for restaurants that collect? What is the difference ?! ”

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A second wrote: “I feel totally cheated on Eat Out to Help Out because it’s not take out, but still enjoyed my favorite paneer masala dosa in Tooting. ”

A third said: “Apparently the ‘Eat Out’ discount only applies to meals in and not take out ?! So shouldn’t they have called it “Eat In to Help Out”? ”

McDonald’s even got involved when someone asked ‘where’s my food for half the price’ – responding, ‘We are part of the government’s Eat Out To Help Out program.

“This program only applies when dining at a participating branch.

“This does not apply to Drive Thru, Takeaway or McDelivery services. ”

However, there could be a loophole. Indeed, although the program only offers discounts to people who eat there, nothing prevents them from bringing some of the food home in a doggy bag if they do not finish it.

As long as they start their meal in a dedicated catering section, they are free to take what is left at home with them.

Of course, this is not in the spirit of the program and in many cases it still means people have to book in advance, but it means people can get cheap food from friends or to parents stuck at home if necessary.

Règles Key Eat Out to Help Out

  • 50% off food and drinks at participating restaurants
  • £ 10 per person reduction limit
  • Alcoholic drinks and service charges not included
  • Applies only to people ordering food to eat on site
  • Only applicable on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August
  • Can be used as often as you like on these days
  • Automatically applied at checkout, no vouchers required


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