“I always get St on it, it looks like”


Sign up for ESPN + here, and then you can stream UFC 252 live to your smart TV, computer, phone, tablet, or streaming device through the ESPN app. Stipe Miocic is as consistent and successful a heavyweight champion as the UFC has ever seen. Concluding his trilogy with a unanimous decision triumph over Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 252 on Saturday night, the Strong Style Fight Team representative tied Randy Couture for the most heavyweight title fight wins in the history of the Las Vegas-based promotion. . Not to mention, Miocic already held the record for the most successful title defenses in the sport’s most volatile division.

By taking two out of three from one of the sport’s most respected fighters, Miocic can claim his place among the sport’s greatest heavyweights. While Miocic believes his legacy is secure, he is not 100% sure that he will still be considered the GOAT.

“We’ll see on Monday,” Miocic said at the UFC 252 post-fight press conference. “Everyone’s going to change their mind about this. It seems to me that I always get shit.

“Look, I’m just happy to cement my legacy,” he added. “Everyone talks about inheritance. The only reason I’m happy to build my legacy is to show my daughter, if we have more kids, to show them that hard work pays off. Listen if you are doing something and putting your mind and effort into it. You are doing good things.

Miocic controlled much of the hand-to-hand combat while largely negating his opponent’s much-vaunted fight. Cormier won his only withdrawal from the competition in the first round.

“I started off pretty well early in the fight,” Miocic said. “He let me down, but I got up, and I was happy. He caught me off guard with a good head start. I was not worried about it. He did well. He’s a good fighter and he made me doubt myself, so I had to make him guess himself.

The Ohio-based firefighter looked like he was on his way to the end of the second round, when he dropped Cormier near the base of the fence, mounted his opponent and unloaded to the ground until ” DC ”is saved by the horn. . With just a little more time, Miocic might have done it early in the evening.

“Yeah, I would have finished it 100%,” Miocic said. “He was stumbling. Just like the last fight, in the second fight, in the fourth round, I had it in the same place. I rushed too fast. If I had stepped back a little, a step back, I think I would have caught up with him.

” It was [still rattled at the start of round 3], I could see it. That’s why I kind of pushed a bit. But he also caught up with me in the first round. I was trying to slide and he hit me on the back of the head. It wasn’t intentional, the moment he grabbed me I was like ‘whoa! And I looked up and could still see, thank God.

No matter where he is currently in the GOAT heavyweight conversation, Miocic is well aware that he hasn’t achieved his success on his own.

“I’m just happy where I am. I did a lot but it wasn’t just me. They were my coaches, my amazing wife, my family, my friends, they always supported me and supported me, ”he said. “I miss a lot of fun things, especially family matters. It kills me inside to miss a lot of things like this. It kills me.

“Graduation parties, baptisms. I couldn’t go. It would kill me, but the best part is no one ever judged me. They have always supported me and understood what I do. If it weren’t for the people around me to surround myself with, my amazing family, friends, coaches and teammates, I wouldn’t be here.



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