Hyundai Palisade’s smelly interior asks automaker to investigate


Hyundai, watching crossovers gain popularity, replaced its three-row Santa Fe XL with the new Palisade for 2020. It gave Hyundai a fresh and sleek model for sale, but it looks like a handful are suffering from an issue. smell. Owners start to report a bad smell once the smell from the new car wears off. Even the team of noticed it on his long-range SUV. Now Hyundai is investigating, according to a new report from The reader.However, as Hyundai digs into the matter, it’s still unclear what is causing the smell. The automaker said The reader that its investigation “includes the identification and validation of a fix”. So at the moment Hyundai doesn’t know that either. Once there is a fix, however, a Technical Service Bulletin will be issued indicating how to resolve the issue. As the post notes, Palisade owners suffering from the issue blame the crossover’s Nappa leather upholstery as the culprit. Models with fabric seats do not suffer from the smell.

Cars.comInvestigation of the source of the odor could not reach a definitive conclusion, although its offensive character differs from one staff member to another. Still, some owners say the smell is coming from the headrests, while others point to the seats themselves as the source. The interiors of today’s cars are coated with solvents, cleaners and other chemicals, any of which could be the cause. However, there is one thing in common between the affected cars: the smell emerges after a few hundred kilometers of travel.

So far this year, Hyundai has sold just over 36,000 Palisade SUVs through June. While beauty is subjective, Hyundai has chosen a bold, daring design that appeals to converts. However, the smell hinders the ownership experience for some. We hope that Hyundai can quickly identify the problem and provide a solution, which could include replacing the upholstery, headrests or more. We are sure the owners concerned are eager to find an answer.


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