Hurricane Laura “extremely dangerous” hits Louisiana


Daw was heading to a refuge in San Antonio, a four-and-a-half-hour drive, where instead of worrying about the storm, he has to face Covid-19, echoing the concerns of many others.“They say we are all supposed to move away socially now,” he said. “But how am I supposed to socially distance myself in a shelter?” ”

About 620,000 people were under mandatory evacuation orders in Louisiana and Texas.

The storm surge could penetrate inland between Freeport, Texas, and the mouth of the Mississippi River, and could cause water levels to rise up to 20 feet in parts of Cameron Parish, in Louisiana, the NHC said.

“To think that there would be a two-story wall of water coming into the shore is very difficult to imagine for most, but that’s what’s going to happen,” National Weather Service meteorologist Benjamin Schott said during of a press conference. Most of Cameron’s parish in Louisiana would be underwater at one point, Schott added.

Temporary housing was hastily arranged outside the surge zone for evacuated residents, and emergency teams were strategically positioned, federal and state emergency management agencies said.


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