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As many as 40 local TV stations and up to 200 Canadian radio stations could be forced to close over the next three years as pandemic adds to pressures, new research from media advocacy group says financials that media companies faced before COVID-19. .The Canadian Association of Broadcasters today released a report warning of potential closures and widespread job cuts as broadcasters and broadcasters face a cumulative shortfall of $ 1.06 billion in revenue. ‘by the end of 2022.

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Media call for regulatory changes to level the playing field in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

The report says the most vulnerable are the country’s AM radio stations, along with other independent private radio and television operations in the country’s small markets.

The study, titled “The Canadian Media Crisis and the Future of Local Broadcasting,” was commissioned by CAB and conducted by Winnipeg’s independent media economics consultancy, Communications Management Inc.

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New study suggests social media is the source of COVID-19 fake news

New study suggests social media is the source of COVID-19 fake news

The CAB calls on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission to take swift action in establishing a “fairer and sustainable future” for local media and on the federal government to provide emergency regulatory assistance as well as greater support.

The organization is concerned about the fallout from eroding advertising revenues, which could leave national and international media to deliver most of their news to Canadians.

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