Hulk will become a new type of hero after “Avengers: Endgame”


Based on the impact of Avengers: Endgame and information regarding Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Jade Giant could become a new type of superhero in the future. In Avengers: Endgame, The Hulk damaged his arm significantly (possibly beyond repair) and he found a way to unite Banner and Hulk into one body. With a damaged arm and a fused existence, the Hulk seems destined for a character revolution in the MCU.

Rather than keeping the suppressed Hulk form, Banner now still looks like the Hulk, but he sounds and acts like his teacher self. With his mind and body connected in the most efficient way, the Hulk can act both as a vital science experimenter and mentor (while contributing to combat sparingly).


Will Bruce Banner focus on his scientific studies in combat?

She-Hulk is coming to Disney +, and Bruce Banner is set to appear in the streaming platform series. In the comics, Banner is responsible for transforming his cousin, Jennifer Walters, into She-Hulk. If Kevin Feige and Co. opt for this faithful-to-comic book portrayal, Banner will be shown experimenting, especially on his cousin.

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Banner is above all a scientist. And, with his damaged arm, he can focus his attention on scientific and technological advancements – an area in which he can still prove useful. If he can’t fight with his fists, he can aspire to fight with his mind, sticking to his desire to protect and serve planet Earth (and the surrounding galaxies). Class is underway for Professor Hulk.

Hulk will also serve as a mentor

As several original Avengers leave – most notably Captain America and Iron Man – the incoming heroes will need a wise counselor. Bruce Banner will likely – next Hawkeye, black widow, and Thor: love and thunder – the last original Avenger standing. This means that beginners will turn to him for advice and instruction.

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Tom Holland’s Spidey, a brand new She-Hulk, and an inexperienced Mighty Thor (Jane Foster) won’t be ready to lead overnight. And, if they are, such a narrative choice will be largely unfounded. Professor Hulk will serve as a scientist and mentor, perhaps even working with Fury to keep new recruits in line and focus on the mission at hand.

The Hulk needs some time to smash and stomp

Even though the Hulk’s arm is irreparably damaged, Marvel Studios can’t completely put it aside when it comes to combat. Fans always want to see the Hulk throw a punch or throw someone a hundred feet with one arm.

The Hulk’s mentoring and scientific studies will likely take up 80% of his time, leaving 20% ​​for combat – a 20% that will prove vital in times of intense need, allowing his physical strength to shine when no one else. will not suffice.


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