How to Find Your Nearest Restaurant Offering Half-Price Meal Deals for the Eat Out Program


This month, Brummies can enjoy some amazing food at unbelievably good prices. And all thanks to The Eat Out to Help Out initiative launched by the Chancellor during his mini budget.

Rishi Sunak is helping the struggling hospitality industry by ensuring that the government takes part of the bill for all guests who dine in August Monday through Wednesday – up to 50% off their meals – to a cap of £ 10 per person.

So for example if you and a friend go out for a slap in the face dinner on these days and spend a total of £ 40 more on food and non-alcoholic drinks – you’ll be entitled to £ 20 off! The deal does not cover alcohol and only applies to dinner with clients. You can use the discount as many times as you want from Monday to Wednesday.

All the restaurant has to do is claim the reduction from the government. And all you have to do is find a restaurant you like and make a reservation!

There is an ever-growing list of sites signing up for the program, so to make it easier, we’ve teamed up with our local listings website InYourArea to create this handy widget.

Simply enter your zip code below (click “Show on InYourArea” if the results do not automatically appear) to find participating business details right at your doorstep.

If you don’t see the search box on your device, click “show interactive content”.

The discount applies only to food and non-alcoholic beverages and a service charge may be added to your bill.

Many Birmingham restaurants are also creating their own bargains thanks to the Chancellor’s temporary VAT cut for hospitality – which was also announced in his mini-budget.

Sumptuous downtown restaurant Opus on Cornwall Street offers 1lb Grilled Whole Native Lobster or Grilled 6oz Dry Aged Steak, both served with hand-cut fries and garlic butter. £ 27.50 per person for two courses every Friday and Saturday.

And the new kid on the block of Dishoom restaurants – offering half the price on all meals – so there’s no £ 10 limit.

Foodies should check with the restaurant of their choice for details on which days offers are available and whether entrees are accepted. It’s probably best to book if you can.

We’ve created a list of great deals from some of the best restaurants in Brum here. Good food and safe drinking Birmingham.


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