How to find restaurants, cafes and pubs near you using the Eat Out to Help Out discount program


The past few months have been a scorching time for the hospitality industry with several of our favorite establishments being forced to shut down for an extended period.But now, as restaurants, cafes and pubs prepare to reopen indoors in Wales from Monday, there is a major push to keep customers coming back through the doors in the form of an initiative reduction funded by the government.

As part of the Eat Out to Help Out program, which runs August 3-31, you’ll save 50% at participating locations on food and non-alcoholic beverages to eat or drink.

You can use the discount, valid up to a maximum of £ 10 per person, as many times as you want each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday until the end of that month.

The scheme was introduced by the UK government, which will reimburse retailers for the value of the reduction, in order to bring people back to restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs, while the reduction may also apply in work and school canteens and canteens.

You do not need to use a voucher and it can be combined with other offers and discounts, while anyone in a group of any size is eligible to use the discount, although it cannot be used for alcoholic beverages or service charges.

Institutions must register to use the program. To find out which places near you are participating, all you have to do is follow this link and enter your zip code to see all the places within a five mile radius that are using the program.

Use this handy tool to make sure you know the level of hygiene in the place you plan to visit:

Many restaurant chains and larger businesses have signed up for the program, but they won’t necessarily appear in search results. Participating chains include Brains, Coffee # 1, Five Guys, KFC, Pizza Express, Starbucks, Tortilla, and Wagamama. You can see the total list of major companies using the program by clicking here.

To qualify for the discount you must purchase food or drink to eat there, so take out is not included. You can read more about the specific terms and conditions by going here.


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