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Big Brother 22 The third week is well underway. This means that we’ve all had enough time to figure out who we think is playing the best game and who we love the most. So now is the time to launch our new feature, the Big Brother 22 Weekly Survey.

The weekly survey samples our readers and social media followers so we can track how you think the Big Brother All-Stars are doing. We take a look at who you think is playing the best game, who your favorite players are, what you think of the current householder, where you stack up against kicked-off players, and what you think of the season as a whole so far. now.

So let’s move on to some data.

Who you think plays the best game for was Tyler of the jump. He got the most votes right away and he never slowed down. Tyler finished the poll with a score of 11.91. He was followed by Enzo with a wound of 10.80. David comes in last place for gameplay. According to our readers, her game is slightly worse than Kevin and Nicole F. Check out the graph below for the full rankings.

As for your favorite guests, Janelle immediately took the lead. It was Janelle and Kaysar in the top spots until Facebook readers started responding, which pushed Tyler to second. It seems like Twitter prefers Janelle and Kaysar while Facebook prefers Tyler. The poll ended with a rather tight race. Janelle finished the week with a score of 11.92 while Tyler finished with 10.98. It should be noted that this is a ranking survey, so these scores are overall averages. When you look at the percentages for the # 1 ranking, Janelle destroyed everyone with 44% of the vote. Tyler, by comparison, only had 19% of the No. 1 votes. He just had a good overall average.

And the questions on this week’s HOH result definitely reflect the popularity polls. Over 64% of voters weren’t happy that Tyler won the HOH. And if it hadn’t been for Tyler, 64% of voters would have preferred Janelle to win the HOH. It seems like BB22 viewers were hoping for a change this week and wanted to see old school players in power and go after this majority alliance.

Who do you miss the most? It was pretty much tied for most polls. In the end, Nicole A finished with 50.54. So it was very close.

And the overall rating for the season averaged 5.1 stars. Looks like from now on we are eyeing a pretty poor season, based on the response from our readers.

Big Brother 22 Week 3 Poll Results

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