How Andrew Keegan went from Hollywood Heartthrob to Spiritual Leader – and back again


Back in the 90s, Andrew Keegan grab your heart back and never let go.The teenage idol rose to fame thanks to roles on Full house, 7th Sky and Group of five before it was finally cast into the cult classic, 10 things I hate about you. Although he later stepped out of the limelight to establish a spiritual movement called Full Circle, he is finally making his return to the camera playing a central role in the final season of Trinkets, the series co-produced by Netflix and Awesomeness.

The concert – he plays the main role Kiana Madèrethe father of – was a big surprise. Well to everyone except his 10 things co-star Larisa Oleynik, who also stars in the series. “It was kept a secret,” he shared exclusively with E! News. “But I was able to get in touch with Larisa. We all had a 20 year reunion almost two years ago, so we all got to see each other. We don’t really have a family potlucks every year, although that would be really cool. ”

the Trinkets the cast came pretty close to that, however. As one of the show’s last moments, they shot a Thanksgiving scene together. “It was the first time they all got together to shoot a scene,” said the 41-year-old. It was intimidating. They’re all very good at their roles, so stepping in was a humbling experience. ”

Now Keegan – he shares his daughter Aiya Rose with Arista Ilona– looks back on his own experiences, from his crush on Jessica Alba on his journey to become a spiritual leader.


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