How an Australian state’s coronavirus strategy came to light with sex scandals and assaults on police


Of the 21 new cases reported on June 16, only six were cases of community transmission. One of them, a resident of Rosstown Nursing Home for the Elderly in South East Melbourne, and another, an entrepreneur working at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, pictured below, were a sign of things to come.The Plaza was one of many “quarantine hotels” where infected patients were forced to self-isolate.

Stories have emerged of whistleblowers with little or no training in hotels, inadequate protective equipment, inadequate staffing levels, and contractors allowed to work at multiple sites.

There was at least one allegation that a security guard slept with one of the quarantine residents.

A returning traveler who spent two weeks in quarantine in April told The Australian that at the hotel, mental health workers were called in to calm clients who were “screaming” and “begging to be released and to be released. run for the gates ”.

He said the guards appeared unprepared to control the desperate guests to be released.

“And we told them no, but the guards had no real authority… they gave the impression that we could talk around them. And the guests would go to the security guards, beg and offer money to be released. It was crazy, ”he says.


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