“Housing market is at the highest level of sugar”: Home sales skyrocket, but is now a good time to buy? Here’s what the experts say



The national real estate market is fueled by a government stimulus and a scramble for low density housing fueled by COVID, economists say. See the full story.

Invest in tech indices, but protect your bets with good wine and stamps, says strategist

Tech companies will experience exponential growth over the next two decades, far outpacing other investments, strategic consultancy Aquaa Partners said on Friday. See the full story.

Life will never be the same for people over 60 – even with a COVID-19 vaccine

Most will continue to take precautions. Here’s a look at post-vaccination life for older Americans. See the full story.

Video games will they be the Achilles heel of Apple and Google in antitrust investigations?

“It’s an inflection point, and the start of a long-standing debate about how these platforms push us to the edge of what we’re willing to pay,” James Currier, Managing Partner of NFX, a company based in Silicon Valley capital company. See the full story.

Here’s why stock prices aren’t viable, according to this fund manager

In a week in which the S&P 500 set a record in the midst of a pandemic, it’s fair to consider at least the lowest 495 components. See the full story.


The Irish Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Speaker of the Senate resigned on Friday after attending an 80-person dinner, in direct contravention of guidelines from their own government. See the full story.


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