House committee must subpoena Postmaster General for “withholding” Congressional documents


During DeJoy’s testimony last week, the Oversight Committee asked for documents on changes to the postal service that caused significant delays across the country by August 26. According to a statement from the committee, no documents were produced and two days after the deadline, DeJoy sent a letter to the committee that said, “I hope my testimony of August 24 before the Oversight and Monitoring Committee. reform clarified all the outstanding questions you had ”.

A committee source said that committee chair Carolyn Maloney planned to serve the summons on Wednesday, 48 hours after sharing it with Republican members, based on former President Elijah Cummings’ agreement to allow time for consultation with the ranking member.

According to the committee’s statement, the committee is also sending a letter to Robert Duncan, the chairman of the Postal Service Board of Governors, who testified to the panel last week with DeJoy, about the documents he says the board is withholding. citing a DOJ opinion stating that the FOIA prohibits the disclosure of information to a member of Congress who is not the chair of a committee.

Maloney writes to the Board of Directors for all documents and information requested by other members and advises the Board that she will issue a subpoena if they are not produced voluntarily.

This story is breaking and will be updated.


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