‘Host’ is called the scariest movie of 2020, so I watched for people who can’t handle the horror


Duration: 56 minutes. Countless spooky things.

Welcome to the last horror episode for cowards. This time I will sacrifice my comfort to watch a movie called Host it’s meant to be rightfully scary!

SHUDDER / Screen Rant / Le soleil / @slimyswampghost

Host is available on Shudder (which currently has a seven-day free trial) and here’s how they describe the movie:


“During an online session, six friends accidentally invite the attention of a demonic presence. “

Before we begin, there are SPOILERS AHEAD. If you want to watch the movie without knowing the details, stop reading. This is a full rundown for non-horror people!

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(Also, here’s the trailer if you want to feel it. I’m going to ignore it so it’s all a surprise, because I’m feeling adventurous today.)

The movie begins with Haley (left) making a Zoom call with a group of friends. The first to join is Jemma (right).


These two live close to each other, as Jemma throws a stick at Haley’s window to tell her to let her make the call.

Because I’m watching on my laptop, I feel like I’m on a Zoom call with this group of friends exchanging greetings. It’s relatable, except instead of saying “Let’s all play Jackbox Games” or whatever, they’re like “Anyone ready to do a shoot?” “



The group is also joined by their friend Teddy. Before he jumped in, they were saying how much they dislike his girlfriend (who you can see in the background).

Caroline has a funny Zoom background video of herself entering her bedroom. (Remember this.)

Before calling in the instructor to guide them through the session, Haley tells her friends to TAKE IT SERIOUS AND BE RESPECTFUL. Seems like the least you can do when trying to slip DMs from various minds, right?

Eleven minutes after the start of the film, the session instructor is about to join the call. I came back after watching to tell anyone who is considering watching the movie that they really should. Otherwise, here are all the juicy things.


Seylan, the session guru, gives them an overview. She says they will be able to communicate with all their loved ones, even pets, as there are different laws / no language barriers on the astral plane. They light candles and turn off their lights.

Seylan says the spirits might respond by causing a name or a face to appear in their mind, or a twinkle in their candles, or maybe even a knock or a touch.

Ted’s girlfriend (who no one likes) rushes over and pulls him out of the Zoom. Honestly, this is probably the first good decision I have seen so far.

Seylan continues his spiel, cavalierly mentioning that they could be possessed during the session. She says it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a spirit communicating through their body.


She says this as casually as a flight attendant explaining the potential responsibilities of the exit row in an emergency. The session season has started.

At the start of the session, not much happens. They think they see a static light moving behind Radina (bottom right), then they think they hear a thud, so they ask the hypothetical spirit to strike if it is present and …

THERE IS A STRONG DEFINITIVE STROKE. However, the beatings are just food arriving at Seylan’s door. She really ordered Postmates before summoning the spirits! Probably used promo code SÉANCE666 for free shipping.

A little over 20 minutes and nothing definitive happened. THEN Jemma says Jack’s name entered her head. She becomes moved and tells the story of a boy named Jack whom she knew as a child. Jemma says Jack was nice to her, but he hanged himself.

As Jemma continues to emotionally talk about Jack, something falls behind Seylan and they lose connection with her.

With Seylan disconnected, the group verify that Jemma is doing well emotionally. Jemma reveals IT WAS A WHOLE JOKE. She made up the story because she missed the lack of activity during the session.

HALEY: Take the session seriously.

Everyone is relieved / amused (except Haley).

A heated argument brews when suddenly Haley’s chair is pulled up against the wall. I would just like to say NOPE, and moreover ABSOLUTELY NOT. At this point, they must be 100% done with the session, right?

FALSE. Haley says they’ve made a connection and want to sue him. (I come back after watching to note that this happens about 23 minutes after – halfway through the movie. From that point on, everything is VERY STRESSFUL.)

They think they hear some noise coming from Caroline’s place, so she checks her attic. As its camera moves, you can momentarily spot A PAIR OF DANGING LEGS.

Next, Haley takes a photo in her hallway and sees what appears to be a hanged boy.

Then Emma’s glass shatters.

Hayley calls Seylan back (she’s probably still eating her childbirth) and they tell her that Jemma made up Jack’s story. Seylan is like, “Y’dun goof,” and warns that they potentially summoned a false spirit and it could be demonic.

Seylan advises them to cut the connection with the spirits. They try to do it, but the lights go crazy and the call with Seylan is dropped. Still, the group tries to get the mind to disconnect. In the end, they believe they have succeeded.

Once they think they’ve severed ties with the shoot, Caroline walks away and is gone for a minute. Finally, it looks like she’s coming back, but then you realize it’s this fun Zoom background that she created. Scary.

I’m pretty sure Caroline’s face just smacked on her computer before reverting to her creepy background.

I want to thank Emma for constantly having her head on a pivot throughout this movie. She seems realistic, constantly checking her surroundings.

I would like to constructively criticize Emma for seeing that one of the filters on the Zoom mask detects a nearby face and chooses to walk towards it and reach out, prompting her to turn to her.


JUMP SCARE METER 9.2 / 10 – I absolutely knew this was going to happen and always got it.

Emma throws flour on the floor and sees footprints coming towards her. She is chased in her cradle and ends up hiding under a sheet.

Radina’s boyfriend falls from the second floor. Next, Radina is dragged away and presumably killed, while her laptop is left on the ground with a splash of blood on it.

Caroline reappears for a few moments, her face repeatedly smashed into her computer until she vanishes, and all you can see is her extremely disturbing background, which has managed to get scarier each time. that he plays again.

Haley is dragged out of her chair, then pulled out of the door.

As they live nearby, Jemma runs over to Haley’s. Look at this, even in the midst of a demonic spirit (which she is responsible for summoning) murdering all of her friends, Jemma wore a mask. The respect.

Teddy joins the call. Emma is like, “bro, run,” but Teddy thinks he’s being trolled. Then his electricity goes out …

As Teddy walks around his black butt crib trying to power it up, his flashlight shines on that face. Fat no. Teddy runs outside to his girlfriend.

Teddy’s girlfriend (who was just minding her own business AND initially got him out of this sitting mess) is killed by the demon. It pulls her in the air, slits her neck, and drops her into the pool.

Teddy is knocked out and burned alive. Brutal. Poor Emma is horrified to see it all fall apart. I would like her to consider getting up and leaving her house while the demonic spirit is busy killing other people. Regardless of the number of threads, I wouldn’t imagine the leaf to be evil spirit proof.

Damn, too late. The demon threw Emma out the window.

Jemma arrives at Haley’s and sees all the inactive Zoom screens. Zero movement apart from the haunting past of Caroline, who has become this film’s sinister mascot.

Everyone starts to fall off the Zoom and we see a bottle of wine cracking Jemma in her dome.

The wine didn’t kill Jemma! She gets up and finds Haley. They agree they have to go, but the lights are all out.

Haley takes pictures to use her camera’s flash for light, and on the last flash the zoom ends with this…



MUST YOU WATCH: Yes! First of all, it lasts less than an hour. Second, it is quality! The ratio of alerts per minute is wild. I will see again, and I RARELY do this with horror.

HORROR RATING: 9.4 / 10.

SCARY LEVEL: Demonic stuff scares me more than any other type of horror, so take that into account when I say it’s a solid 8.5 / 10.

MVP DU FILM: Emma’s faces. All of his reactions, large and subtle, are A +. The finalist is Caroline’s journey.

BIG QUESTION: At the start of the film, just before Zoom’s call, we see Caroline’s father. He seems to be a nice, sweet guy. You never know what happens to him. Can we have a sequel just to confirm its well-being?

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