Home Office removes clip of militant migrant lawyers


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The Interior Ministry will stop using a video posted on social networks accusing the migrants’ lawyers of being “activists”.

The animated clip broadcast on his Twitter feed indicated that the current asylum system was “open to abuse”, allowing lawyers to “delay and disrupt the return” of people.

The Bar Council said the language was “irresponsible” and “misleading”.

Home Office permanent secretary Matthew Rycroft said the video “should not have been used on an official government channel” and would no longer be published.

Initially, a spokesperson for the department said it would not delete the original post – seen over 1.6 million times – but that several hours later it was deleted.

The Home Office did not say who created the video or approved its publication.

The video was released by the Home Office on Wednesday evening, referring to the small boat crossings of the Channel of asylum seekers.

It showed a graphic of planes leaving the UK, with the caption: “We are working to deport migrants without the right to stay in the UK.

“But currently, returns regulations are rigid and subject to abuse… allowing activist lawyers to delay and disrupt returns. ”

The Bar Council, which represents all lawyers in England and Wales, condemned the video, saying the lawyers “were just doing their job” and were not “activists”.

Board Chair Amanda Pinto QC said, “The justice system provides vital control and balance and should not be attacked for political pointing by the government.

“We strongly condemn the use of divisive and misleading language that undermines the rule of law and those who strive to uphold it. ”

A professor filed a formal complaint with the Home Office and received a response from the department’s head of civil service, Mr Rycroft.

He said: “I agree that the sentence you quote should not have been used on an official government channel.

“I told the team that this message should no longer be used from Home Office accounts or elsewhere by government officials. ”

The Home Office confirmed the response, also shared on Twitter, was accurate and that they would not share the video elsewhere.


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