Holidays in France face quarantine risk after two high months of new cases


France has recorded its highest daily number of new Covid-19 cases since June, pointing to the prospect of joining Spain under the Foreign Office (FCO) ‘s nasty quarantine.

The summer vacation favorite reported 1,695 positive tests in a 24-hour period on Wednesday, just less than the 1,772 seen in Spain. In the past 14 days, it has recorded 22.4 new cases per 100,000 population – up from 13 about a week ago (when Spain was removed from the list of countries without quarantine, its figure was around 35 per 100,000; it has since risen to 78).

If France fails to stem the rise, the FCO could add it to its list of countries whose returning vacationers must self-isolate for two weeks – a move that would force thousands of Britons to cancel their breaks.

Measures across the Channel to fight the rise include the introduction of mandatory face masks on the streets of Toulouse, and other cities – including Paris – are expected to follow suit. New deaths linked to Covid-19 remain low in France and Spain, but this factor does not appear to influence the FCO’s quarantine policy.

Other countries that are at risk of being hit by holiday cards include Malta and Belgium. Both countries saw their case rates triple last month, putting them above Portugal and Sweden, both of which are excluded from the UK’s list of non-quarantined countries.

A government decision is expected in the next 24 hours, when ministers review the latest data as part of their weekly quarantine review.

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