Hillary Clinton stops Trump declaiming about her with two-word tweet


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Hillary Clinton ended Donald Trump’s latest rant about her with a two-word tweet that has since gone viral.

The president slammed Secretary Clinton – his rival in the 2016 election – in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday. Mr Trump referred to Ms Clinton again in a rambling response to a question about Joe Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris, who also turned into an attack on the media and Russian collusion.

“You look at Hillary Clinton where she paid for the bogus case and now the case has turned out to be totally wrong,” the president told host Sean Hannity, referring to reports that Clinton’s presidential campaign paid the price. infamous Steele dossier which claimed links between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Following the interview, Sec. Clinton hit back on Twitter, posting, “Rent Free.”

His cut off version of the insult – “living rent free in your head” – sums up when someone is obsessed or agitated by another person, no matter how hard they try.

Second. Clinton used the term last year when discussing the President’s repeated attacks on her in an interview.

“I live rent free in Donald Trump’s brain, and it’s not a very nice place, I can tell you that,” she told TV host Rachel Maddow.

The former first lady’s tweet on Wednesday was in response to CNBC reporter Christina Wilkie, who pointed out that Mr. Trump did not mention Senator Harris in his response and instead chose Ms. Clinton.

Ms Wilkie wrote: “Missing Trump’s response to a softball question about past @KamalaHarris remarks: any mention of Kamala Harris. Don’t Miss: Hillary Clinton. ”

Ms. Clinton’s tweet had over 22,000 retweets and 113,000 likes.

Among the thousands of responses, one Twitter user asked, “Did Trump forget he was running against Biden again?”

“Are you going to have a housewarming party in Kamala?” Social distancing shouldn’t be a problem in Trump’s head, ”tweeted another.


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