Here’s a pandemic stock tip: Buy on rumored COVID-19 vaccine, sell on news



Wall Street’s “smart money” is heading for the exit when retail buyers flock to the door, writes Mark Hulbert. See the full story.

CDC Director Warns America is in “Worst Fall … We’ve Ever Had”

The coronavirus is not the only public health crisis looming this fall. See the full story.

Trump used the coronavirus briefing to criticize Biden’s call for a mask mandate, denounce the postal vote, question Kamala Harris’s eligibility for vice-president

President Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden’s call for a national mask term on Thursday evening, questioned the security of the postal vote and questioned Kamala Harris’s eligibility as a running mate, during a high-profile press briefing intended to provide updates and information on America’s battle against the worst pandemic in a generation. See the full story.

Fortnite maker accuses Apple, Google of illegal monopoly practices in Battle Royale technology

The maker of “Fortnite” has launched a battle royale against Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc., suing the two tech giants who claim to illegally operate a monopoly on app and app purchases. See the full story.

Companies assess stock splits after Tesla and Apple announcements, expert says

After Tesla and Apple Inc. – the Wall Street behemoths, by virtue of their popularity with investors and their outsized valuations, announced their intention to divide their shares in the weeks between – there was a growing buzz that more and more companies with triple and quadruple digit stock prices will follow in their footsteps. See the full story.


The Justice Department says Yale University discriminates against white and Asian students. See the full story.


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