Heartbreak for 12-year-old boy from County Durham after Covid-19 test reveals shocking cancer diagnosis


The family of a 12-year-old boy were devastated after a coronavirus test found he actually had cancer – and would die within weeks without urgent treatment. Cody Lockey of Darlington, County Durham was taken to hospital on Monday July 27 when his mother Lisa Marie Harry suspected he had contracted Covid-19 after developing a high temperature and symptoms of a cold .

The schoolboy also complained of groin and hip pain for three days, so his worried mother took him to be tested for the virus.

Although he tested negative for Covid-19, the family were stunned to discover that Cody did in fact have acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which affects the bone marrow and has symptoms similar to coronavirus, including fatigue, bone pain. and fever.

The diagnosis was officially confirmed on Tuesday when Cody visited the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

His aunt, Nicola Ann Cook, explained: “His mother Lisa felt something was wrong, so took him to the local hospital.

“Cody was complaining of groin and hip pain for three days. He had a fever and cold-like symptoms, so his mother took him for a Covid-19 test, but it came back like leukemia.

“She thought it was Covid and was shocked when he came back negative but tested positive for cancer.

“His bone marrow is full of cancer cells. It has not spread anywhere else. He has acute leukemia.

“His blood levels are extremely low, so he had a blood transfusion.


Mom Lisa Marie Harry and Cody Lockey

Cody started chemotherapy on Friday and will stay in the hospital until he responds to treatment.

Nicola knows the heartbreak of cancer all too well as her own daughter died of the disease at the age of 32.

She said: “Cody’s chemotherapy started on Friday because without her they said he would only have weeks to live. He is very scared but he is strong.

“His cousin, my daughter, died of bowel cancer two years ago at the age of 32, so he was afraid of dying.

“Cody is only 12 years old.

“He will stay in the hospital until the chemotherapy starts to work. After that, no one is allowed to enter or leave the house for five weeks as he is susceptible to infections.

“The family members are all supporting the family as best we can through messages as we cannot visit because Cody and the other children in the ward are extremely ill. Only parents can be there. “

Cody Lockey is only 12 years old

His family, including Cody’s father Richard Lockey, who rushed to his bedside from Norfolk, were devastated by the shock diagnosis.

Nicola continued, “Her mother is trying to be strong but she is still in limbo.

“Mom and dad are both devastated. Cody has two siblings, 10-year-old Cee-Jay who doesn’t quite understand what’s going on and 13-year-old Mia who is totally devastated.

“Cody is generally a cheeky, happy young boy. ”

The family have all offered to donate bone marrow if it matches and if needed.

A Go Fund Me page was set up by Nicola to raise funds for a trip for Cody who will receive chemotherapy for three years.


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