Health Canada says not to eat red onions grown in the US after at least 55 Canadians become ill with salmonella


Health Canada links a Canadian outbreak of salmonella infections to red onions imported from America.

Until officials learn more about what is going on in the United States, you are being asked to avoid eating, handling, or buying red onions in the United States.

As of July 24, the agency says at least 55 people in five provinces, including Ontario, have fallen ill.

The warning also covers American red onions that are sold and distributed in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Restaurants and food services are being told to throw out red onions that might come south of the border.

It is important to note that no onions grown in Canada are affected.

In addition to avoiding American red onions, you are also asked to stay away from products containing raw red onions, such as salads, which are native to the United States.

As the investigation continues, Health Canada says other sources of Salmonella may be identified and they will update their advice accordingly.

If you buy red onions, the agency advises you to check the label. If there isn’t, don’t buy it.

You can ask your grocer where the onions come from if they aren’t listed anywhere in the store.

If you have affected bunions at home, throw them out. Be sure to wash and sanitize any drawers or areas where you have kept onions.

When you go to restaurants, Health Canada suggests asking staff where they get their onions. If they are not sure, it is better to avoid them to be safe.

Restaurateurs and owners should also be aware that some of the affected onions have been shipped from Sysco, so you are encouraged to follow up with them if they are among your suppliers.

Click here to learn more about the recall. Restaurant or food service operators can also click here for more information.

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