Harry Maguire’s brawl in Greece “may have left a policeman permanently injured”


Harry Maguire’s scuffle with Greek police may have left an officer permanently injured, it is claimed.A lawyer says the cop has been to the hospital twice, received painful beatings and fears his back will never get repaired.

Ioannis Paradissis has exposed the injuries by lambasting Manchester United captain Maguire’s “ridiculous” version of events and criticizing the England star for not apologizing.

Mr Paradissis, representing the cops, told the Sunday Mirror: “The worst injury was that of the policeman thrown to the sidewalk by Harry Maguire. It was a lower back injury. He hit her back.

Harry Maguire claims he is the victim

When asked if the officer could suffer a permanent injury, he replied, “I can’t say no. It is possible, yes, with this kind of injury. Of course, this could cause him more problems in the future.

“Harry Maguire also pushed another policeman who was trying to handcuff him and he injured his right hand.

And Maguire’s brother, Joe, hit a policeman, who had scars on his lip that were still visible during the trial.

When asked if the officers on the island of Mykonos could prosecute Maguire, he continued: “It was not discussed, but they did not rule it out. This kind of action in Greek law, you have five years to do it.

“However, I want to add something. In court, the defense said the police were doing it for money, which is totally untrue.

“They want moral recognition for what happened.

“Maguire might say ‘I’m so sorry for the cops who were hit,’ but instead he says he didn’t hurt them as much as they did him. Not only does he not apologize, but he says these things.

“That’s what they find sad. He seems to blame the police when they are victimized here. He tries to reverse the argument.

“Their defense attorney told the court, ‘We have videos,’ but they didn’t turn them over to the court.

Mykonos Police Station

“If they have them, why don’t they show them? Let them show off what they have on their phones.

“Show us their tapes. What should they hide? The officers want an apology from Maguire or even Manchester United as a team, or the Maguire family, saying they condemn the violence and are sorry the officers were affected. But they don’t say that.

“What message are they sending to the fans? I think it gives the wrong message: “Oh, sometimes violence is okay, sometimes it’s okay to hit the police”.

“That’s what’s wrong with me at all and that’s what saddens me, because I didn’t expect that from Manchester United, a team with a great history and from what I heard of a great athlete like Maguire.

“Where are the words of compassion? It really pisses me off that there isn’t a single kind word for injured police officers. It is offensive.

Maguire says he doesn’t have to apologize

Maguire, 27, said on Friday he didn’t have to apologize – and that the cops assaulted him.

The star – sometimes in tears as he gave his story – said he was attacked as he tried to take his sister, Daisy, 20, to hospital after being injected with drugs by two strangers in a bar.

Maguire feared he and his group would be kidnapped when plainclothes officers stopped their minibuses. He said cops assaulted him and injuries could have occurred to him as he walked away in fear.

It wasn’t until he was locked up that he was certain the men were police.

Maguire was convicted of repeated bodily harm and attempted bribery last Tuesday and was given a 21-month suspended prison sentence.

Harry Maguire arrested in Mykonos

He is appealing and, pending a new trial, Man United said his conviction is no longer valid. But Mr Paradissis said:

“This is factually incorrect. Under Greek law, these are convicted persons, but the consequences of the conviction are suspended.

“The judgment is still valid. ”

Maguire has been excluded from the England squad for the upcoming games after being found guilty. Man United stand by his side.


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