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So let’s go. After 106 years, Harrogate Town is in the Football League! Enjoy the rest of the weekend – ta-ra.



Neal Ardley tells Sky he knew Harrogate would come out quickly, but his team didn’t live with it. He admits that a better team has won, but laments that too many of his players “didn’t show up” and were nervous. He needed a perfect second half performance to solve the problems, and his team were better but not enough. Now he has to look ahead and aim for automatic promotion next season.


Jon Stead takes his medal, finds his cutout of Jordan Sinnott, who was killed so tragically, and poses for a photo with tears in her eyes. My eyeballs may be sweating.


He goes on to say that they do a lot of work on the form, and tightened at the back. If you have “honest runners,” he says, you can afford to leave two players on the pitch, and the 4-4-2 suits its players, who have pace, aggressiveness and attacking intent. .


“Ecstatic… it hasn’t really entered my brain yet,” said Simon Weaver. He goes on to congratulate “a bunch of honest guys”, and says a lot has changed in the 11 years he’s been at the club, and working full time has given them the impetus to do what. they did.



As for the Notts, they are in a much better position than before. They’ll be optimistic about sorting things out next season, and with decent reason. A little more quality and variety in their passage, and they will come closer.



Falkingham does a little trick, à la Jordan Henderson, and gives his elevator an absolute welly. He can hardly believe what he has accomplished.


The players fish for medals on a board, while the players and Notts manager stand there to cheer #classytouch #oldskool



He goes on to say that Town should have finished the game in the first half, but when they didn’t and Notts scored, their ability to handle the game allowed them to hang on and strike back.


Falkingham, the town captain, struggles to find words. “It’s an emotional time,” he says. “We’re a bunch of hungry guys… we’ve never played in the soccer league, the majority of us… we’ve built for this trip, it’s an incredible achievement… an incredible feeling… och!


Notts snuggles up, and Ardley debriefs them, while Town leaps towards the now obligatory sweet Caroline. AI heard a rumor that there were other songs, but that could be wrong.



Diamond says they plan to create opportunities and try to finish the game early. Town knew Notts would come back to them, and was ready to hold him back; now he can’t wait to start the night.


Full-time: Harrogate Town 3-1 Notts County Harrogate Town is promoted to the Football League after 106 years!



90 + 4 min The city is still there! They set the ball up, move inside on his right foot, and he hits a curler… against the base of the post! What a performance that has been from Harrogate.



90 + 2 min Sky gave Diamond Man of the Match due to an “important goal at an important time”, but I would say the match was won in the first half hour, so would probably go for Thomson, who scored one and made one. .


90 + 1 min “It’s buzzing for Harrogate Town to be in the Football League,” Ben Machell said on Twitter. “The opposition firms are trying to take Betty’s. Fruity divorced mom in white Land Rover Evoques with “WELCOME TO HELL” banners. Shirtless Gareth Southgate dropping pyro near the cenotaph. Yes. “


90 min There you go, a minimum of five extra minutes. Harrogate Town is going to play in the Football League!


90 min How successful this is going to be. The city came out of nowhere, and they made a serious turnaround this afternoon. They started at the pace, kept it going, and saved 15 minutes early in the second half, looked a level above their opponents.


89 min Beck finds Diamond, who larrups a shot from afar directly to Slocombe.


87 min One change each: Town sends Beck for Muldoon, who looks like he spent the afternoon offering the sun, while Notts replaces Brindley with Kelly-Evans.


86 min Notts tries to dig, but there is nothing there. Town grabs the ball and hits it confidently, taking time but also threatening.


83 min “Harrogate (‘arra gut’) chic?” glowing Ian. “He is known among Yorkshire connoisseurs as being all furry and no panties! “



80 min This game is part of the 2019-20 season, while in Scotland we are already playing 2020-2021. Bonkers.



76 min We should note the good change Town made, bringing Stead in. His experience and poise created what appears to be the decisive goal, BUT COME HERE COME! They drop the ball and Brindley hits the line, cutting for Thomas, and he looks around the world like he’s going to send a livener, but Belshaw parries his shot and Falkingham does brilliantly to absolutely stick him in the lane of Doyle’s follow-up. .



74 min Notts know the jig is in place, and Town is now dictating. They had a little trouble, but they’re back looking for the better team, and there’s Thomson hitting Slocombe in the stomach.


72 min On the sideline, Ardley was furious, and he just might be. His team were good for 15 minutes, but it’s rarely enough to win a cup final, and his defenders really let him down today.


WHAT PURPOSE! Harrogate Town 3-1 Notts County (Diamond 70)



67 min Did Town rode it? They start to regain control again, but as long as their lead remains on one goal, they will feel extremely vulnerable.


66 min And they almost do now! Thomson finds the ubiquitous Fallowfield, crossing low as he continues his run, and when Turner cuts it, the ball falls to Thomson, who bangs widely.




63 min Diamond crosses right and crosses, but his ball is behind Stead. Town created almost nothing in the second half.



58 min Nice from Thomas, Spinning Hall, which has a few hacks and connects with the second. He booked, and Notts has another free kick in a similar position to which Roberts scored. He’s a little further this time, and pumps a shot well over the bar. I would expect Town to change something, and soon.


57 min Ardley did his job at halftime. His players have been very good since then, and there’s Baldwin picking up a loose ball after Wooton challenged well, lighting up a fair wide shot. The city needs to think about it, because the momentum of the game has changed.


55 min And now here’s Notts, Roberts taking the ball through the surface of the box and absolutely whip a riser that swings fair off the near post. It was a big strike, and the whole world looked like the equalizer.


55 min Fallowfield, who had a great first half, finds himself in space outside the box and weaves around two challenges before Rose dumps him.


52 min Nice from Notts, Rose plays a ball for Thomas on the right; his cross is erased.


52 min A calm period, but the city has lost its intensity. It’ll be a long old half for them, if they can’t move it.


50 min Boldewijn finds space on the left, but lacks ground. Notts will look to give him the ball at every opportunity.


GOAL! Harrogate Town 2-1 Notts County (Roberts 46)

It is a superb finish! Roberts, who was so good in the half, hits a curler into the far side net, Belshaw stepping left only for the ball to go left! We have a ball game!


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