“Hard to say” if Mark Cavendish will ever return to the Tour de France, says Rod Ellingworth


Rod Ellingworth says it’s “hard to say” whether we will ever see Mark Cavendish at the Tour de France, the 30-stage winner who has left home for the second year in a row.

The Bahrain-McLaren boss explains that his sprinter has been a particular sporting victim of the coronavirus rupture, and that after the disruption over the past two years, the Manxman really needed a solid block of races to get back on track. speed and be vying for a place on the team.

“It’s hard to say,” Ellingworth said of the chances of seeing Cavendish on a Tour start line in the future. “I think unfortunately for him this situation we found ourselves in, not in the race, was against him. If you’ve spent two years off the bike having a lot of trouble, you need a consistent period of time to get back to a decent level.

Ellingworth points to Cavendish as one of the many drivers who have had too much time on the turbo and in training, and not enough to pin the race numbers.

“I think as we all know from Mark, he’s a bike racer, he’s not particularly into training, he loves racing,” Ellingworth added.


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