Hamilton’s COVID-19 numbers accelerate as people emerge from their bubbles


The rate at which new people are diagnosed with COVID-19 every day in Hamilton is on the rise, and health officials say stage 3 and people getting lax to keep their social bubbles are the reasons.That’s not cause for panic, but it should serve as a warning, according to Dr Ninh Tran, the city’s deputy medical officer of health. Sixteen more people were diagnosed with COVID-19 in Hamilton over the weekend, he said, and four more since Monday. This occurs after weeks of treating an average of just two or three new cases per day.

Tran says it’s a Stage 3 mix, which means residents go out more in indoor spaces like stores and restaurants, and people don’t stay in their bubbles. People are tired from COVID-19, he says, and they see friends who are not part of a stand-alone bubble of 10.

“What we have seen is a slow increase in the number of cases that we have had,” he said.

“We’ve been fortunate to have one or two cases a day, and it’s slowly climbing to three and four and five. “

This graph shows the number of cases seen by Hamilton from March to August 17. (City of Hamilton)

He says people should always keep a physical distance of two meters, wear masks when they can’t, wash their hands often, and keep a social bubble of only 10 people. And that bubble should be self-contained, he says, not 10 people who each socialize with 10 other people.

Tran says he understands the weariness. People have been vigilant for months, and now they want to see their friends.

Lately, “we haven’t been that good or disciplined,” he said.

“People are bending the rules and not following instructions, especially the social bubble. “

Hamilton’s daily increases are still within the range of the provincial average, he said. But “I want people to take note of the numbers and be vigilant.

“We all have to look to go back a bit more to what we used to do,” says Dr Ninh Tran. (Adam Carter / CBC)

“I want to remind people that we all have to look to go back a bit more to what we used to do if we are to keep the numbers from rising any further. “

Forty-eight people are currently known to have COVID-19 in Hamilton. By comparison, there were 22 on August 7. Hamilton has recorded 951 cases since March. Forty-five people (5%) died and 858 people (90%) recovered.

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton currently has two people in hospital for COVID-19, and Hamilton Health Sciences gives “five or less”.

The increase comes as the city’s public and Catholic school boards announce plans to reopen and the city slowly reopens some of its facilities.

Hamilton entered the third stage of the plan to reopen on July 24.

Other areas are also experiencing an increase in new cases. Overall, Ontario is reporting 125 new cases, the highest total in a single day since the end of July.

Much of the increase is due to localized increases, Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott said on Twitter. There are 27 new cases in Toronto, 28 in Windsor-Essex, 17 in Peel and 12 in Waterloo.

Here’s what’s happening in the areas around Hamilton:


Brant / Brantford currently has four residents with COVID-19, which is on par with the past few weeks. None of them are in the hospital.

Five people have died from the virus and 143 have recovered, for a total of 152.


Twenty-two people in the two counties are known to be currently infected with COVID-19, with no new cases since Monday.

In total, there have been 471 confirmed cases, of which 417 recovered and 32 died.


There are 29 people in Halton known to have COVID-19 right now, a drop from Monday.

Three other people have recovered for a total of 889. Twenty-five people have died since March. The number of known cases increased by two from Monday, to a total of 942 (857 confirmed, 86 probable.)

In Burlington, the number of active cases remains at seven people. Seven people have died and 183 have recovered, for a total of 196.


Niagara had seven new people tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend, and three since Monday. There are currently 36 people with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Overall, 908 people have been confirmed as carriers of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, of which 819 have recovered and 64 have died.


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