Hamilton denies asking if Red Bull had less pressure


Lewis Hamilton says he was not wondering if Red Bull had “different settings” from Mercedes when he commented on tire pressure at the 70th anniversary of the Grand Prix.

With Max Verstappen loving his tires and Mercedes gnawing at theirs, the Dutchman ended Mercedes’ Grand Prix winning streak by beating Hamilton to the checkered flag in the second race at Silverstone on Sunday.

Unlike the first race, which was won by Hamilton, this time around the teams rode a little softer tires, forcing almost everyone to adopt a two-stop strategy.

But even changing tires more often than they had done in the previous race, Hamilton and his teammate Valtteri Bottas were still suffering from heavy wear and blistering.

Verstappen didn’t seem to have the same problem.

This prompted Hamilton to question Red Bull’s tire pressure.

“He must have less pressure in his tires or something like that,” the Briton said during the Grand Prix.

Hamilton was asked about his comment at the post-race press conference and whether he thought Red Bull’s tire pressure, which Pirelli had set a minimum for the Grand Prix start, “was not good ”.

The Mercedes driver said he wasn’t accusing Red Bull of having less pressure in their tires, but wondering how they kept the pressure up.

“When we go out and start the race we have minimum pressures and then during the race they increase,” he explained.

“With more laps they go on a steep climb and I guess we just did a much steeper climb and increased pressure than Max.

“In general, to maintain your tires, you have to keep the temperatures low and therefore the pressures, so that wasn’t really my thought when I was there.

“They have to be able to keep their pressures lower than ours and that’s why ours was soaring and that was just a theory I had.

“I’m not saying they have different settings for us, because we all have the same minimum, but if you can keep your pressures lower you can go further and make the tires last longer, so I think that’s probably all.

“I’ll find out later, but I’m sure that’s part of the problem we probably had.”

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