Hair loss emerges as the last long-term symptom of Covid-19


Dr Mabs Chowdhury, consulting dermatologist and lecturer at University Hospital of Wales, said he had received numerous referrals for patients suffering from hair loss, likely caused by Covid-19.“Covid makes sense (to cause loss), with multi-system disease, especially with high fever, it can cause that two to six months later,” he says.

Studies have also shown the impact of the pandemic on hair loss.

Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine found that nearly a third of 1,500 people surveyed reported hair loss as a long-term symptom of Covid-19.

And a study by scientists from the University of Usak University School of Medicine in Turkey also reported that about a third more patients were diagnosed with alopecia in recent months than before the pandemic.

Typically, we lose around 30 to 150 hairs per day, but when telogen effluvium occurs, our hair cycle shifts from the growth phase to the loss phase, known as telogen.

About 10 percent of hair is usually lost in the telogen phase, but this can increase up to 70 percent in telogen effluvium.

The effects are temporary and the normal hair cycle should return within six months.

But Dr Wong said it is not yet known whether Covid-19 impacted hair follicles differently or how patients will recover.

“These are the first days, it’s a new strain of virus,” she says.

Dr Wong said she would follow patients longer term to assess the true impact of the virus.


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