Government accused of fueling “diplomatic dispute” with France over migrants and quarantine


Arrivals to France from the UK will be asked to provide an address where they will be quarantined, the source said.”When Britain lifts its quarantine on people coming from France, we will do the same,” added the government source.

Clément Beaune, the minister for Europe, said France regretted the restrictions imposed by the UK on Saturday and urged the UK government to end them as quickly as possible.

Her predecessor, Nathalie Loiseau, now a MEP from President Emmanuel Macron’s party, told French radio on Sunday that Britain did not need to quarantine travelers from France.

Despite another record increase in coronavirus infections in France over the weekend, she claimed the quarantine “is not based on scientific data”.

She said: ‘We know the coronavirus has spread less in France than in the UK, so this measure has no reason to exist. It puts a lot of people in trouble. ”

Ms Loiseau said Britain had suffered the highest number of deaths in Europe and the UK government had “delayed a lot before taking action against the coronavirus”.

She added that the quarantine “comes at a time when Brexit poses challenges, which will only increase. ”

The quarantine requirement, she added, “is negative for the UK and its relations with Europe.”

France reported 3,310 new infections on Saturday, the biggest daily increase since the country’s exit from lockdown in May.


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