Gordon Ramsay’s UK restaurants to expand during coronavirus pandemic


“Give me your money and I’ll give you burgers”: Gordon Ramsay

The loudest chef in the world wants to give the UK a gift after the novel coronavirus pandemic: hamburger restaurants. Gordon Ramsay says COVID-19, which has exacerbated the decline of many over-expanding chains, including burger chains, which trade under brand names, has not stopped his ambition to open 50 restaurants across the country. countries that will trade under a brand name: its own. He calls it, and his global restaurant interests, a ‘billion dollar restaurant proposal’, which in the UK will involve opening Street Burger restaurants, mostly outside London, according to Propel. . The chef says that name – and, presumably, model – is based on his all-you-can-eat Street Pizza restaurants.

Ramsay showed off his burger prowess in a deeply embarrassing YouTube subscriber video last year, grilling the beef with the frozen butter to form a “nice thin patty”, pronounced the pate, with a “wide circumference.” But first, he needs millions to make it happen.

Ramsay’s burger ambitions for the United States date back to 2018, when a massive injection of private equity from Lion Capital saw him consider opening 100 restaurants across the Atlantic. Now he’s looking to invest more in private equity to realize a similar vision in the UK: burgers across the country, Gordon’s smile etched in all of them. Well, not really, but would you like to pass it up? [Propel]

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