Gordon Ramsay and family enjoy reunion weekend with Beckhams in Cornwall


Gordon Ramsay’s adorable grandson Oscar is the spitting image of his TV chief father as the Ramsays enjoy a weekend with the Beckhams.The two families reunited this past weekend in Cornwall, after the Beckham family returned from a family vacation to Greece, Hello! magazine.

Posh Spice Victoria herself shared cute photos of baby Oscar with her own daughter, Harper Seven Beckham, who was seen playing with and kissing the little one with blonde hair.

Victoria captioned the photos on Instagram, “Kisses baby Oscar! We love you! Nice weekend with @ tanaramsay @ gordongram X ”.

While Victoria followers loved the cute images, many were surprised at how adorable little Oscar looks like her famous hot-headed dad, reports The Mirror.

A follower wrote under the post: “Awww mini Gordon or what! ”

Another fan jokingly commented, “Oscar looks like he’s already ready to judge his mother’s breast milk. ”

“He looks like his daddy [blue love heart emoji] Another follower wrote.

Another follower echoed the sentiment, dubbing Oscar “Gordon’s twin”.

Finally, we were also struck by the resemblance between Harper Seven and Victoria: “For a second there, I thought Harper was holding you and kissing a baby !!! If the same from the side. ”

Fans have also commented on how Oscar looks like his father Gordon on some of Tana’s Instagram posts about him.

Oscar is the fifth child of Gordon and his wife Tana, who married in December 1996.

They also have Megan, Holly, Jack, and TV presenter Matilda.

Little Oscar already has his own Instagram account managed by his mother and older sister Matilda.

A nice post from a few weeks ago said, “Practicing in my kitchen. ”

The footage showed little Oscar and his mop of blonde hair as he played the role of chef in his family’s kitchen – overseen by his family, of course.

Could he take after his famous rude father?

“He’s so cute,” one Instagram user noted.

Meanwhile, another commented, “Imagine being 1 year old and having so much influence”.

Oscar’s parents welcomed him on April 4, 2019, after Tana had previously miscarried in 2016.

Taking to his Instagram at the time, Gordon posted, “After 3 BAFTAs and an Emmy… finally we won an Oscar.

“Please welcome Oscar James Ramsay, who landed at 12:58 pm today for an Xxx lunch. ”

It really is a little gem!

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