Google Urges YouTubers Around The World To Flood Australian Regulator With Complaints | Media


Google has launched an international scare campaign targeting YouTubers, asking creators and viewers to overwhelm Australia’s competition watchdog with complaints about its proposed mandatory news code.The post seeks to pit YouTubers and their fans against “big news companies” which Google says could abuse personal data and make unwarranted demands for money to the detriment of YouTube users. It includes an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission email address.

The YouTube campaign follows Google’s targeting of Australian users with pop-up warning ads that link to an open letter on the mandatory news code which the ACCC says contains “disinformation.”

YouTube Creators

The YouTube you know and love is in danger in Australia. A proposed new law, the News Media Trading Code, could have a significant negative impact on creators in Australia. Your voice matters. →

Aug 17, 2020

Campaign says “vloggers,” “educational creators” and “music artists” are among those to suffer if the mandatory news code, which will require Google to share ad revenue with publishers, goes into effect .

When news content compensation negotiations stalled between Google, Facebook and publishers including Nine Entertainment and News Corp Australia, the ACCC announced that a mandatory code would be imposed.

The search giant is now appealing to the public to ask the ACCC to abandon its plan, arguing the code would have a “significant negative” effect on content creators.


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