Golden State killer Joseph DeAngelo sentenced to life in prison


Prosecutor in charge of the case, Todd Spitzer, told the court he wanted DeAngelo to receive the death penalty.“Instead of (you) just staring straight ahead into some glassy eyes, I wanted to watch you, watch you, glide silently through the night,” Mr Spitzer told DeAngelo, who was led into the room wearing a off-white sweatshirt over his orange prison jumpsuit.

“But we have met our victims. We knew the age of the case. We knew how long it took to resolve it. And we knew it was the right thing to do – so you could all be here today while you are alive, ”he told victims and families.

Lawyers for DeAngelo tried to paint a picture of the former policeman, who has three daughters and grandchildren, as the father, and said they hope that by confessing to his crimes he “brought some peace to their survivors and loved ones ”.

Judge Michael Bowman said he was passing the “absolute maximum sentence the court can impose under the law.”

“The survivors spoke clearly – the defendant deserves no mercy,” the judge said, to thunderous applause in the courtroom.


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